Empowering Global Connectivity: Compuclinic’s Success Story in Partnering with SITA Aero on the SAA Refresh Program

about SAA

South African Airways (SAA) is the national flag carrier of South Africa, connecting passengers to destinations worldwide. With a focus on exceptional service and reliability, SAA offers a comprehensive network of domestic and international flights. As a trusted airline, SAA represents the pride and hospitality of South Africa in the global aviation industry.

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Compuclinic embarked on a transformative partnership with SITA Aero on the South African Airways (SAA) technology refresh program to revitalize their computer hardware infrastructure on a global scale. By supplying and supporting Lenovo, Samsung, Cisco, amongst many other industry leading OEM vendor brands, Compuclinic enabled SAA to enhance their connectivity, productivity, and operational efficiency across their network.


The Challenge

SAA recognized the need to modernize their computer hardware infrastructure to keep pace with evolving technology and industry standards. The challenge involved refreshing a large fleet of devices while ensuring minimal disruption to daily operations, maintaining data security, and providing ongoing support to their workforce in various locations worldwide.


The Solution

Compuclinic collaborated closely with SITA Aero and SAA to develop and execute a comprehensive computer hardware refresh program. Leveraging their partnership with Lenovo, Compuclinic supplied SITA Aero and SAA with state-of-the-art computer hardware, including desktops, laptops, monitors, printers and peripherals. The solutions were carefully selected to meet SAA’s specific requirements for performance, reliability, and compatibility with their existing systems.


Compuclinic’s successful supply and support of Lenovo computer hardware for South African Airways’ global refresh program resulted in a transformative impact on their operations. The partnership with SITA Aero facilitated enhanced connectivity, improved productivity, streamlined operations, and ongoing support. Compuclinic’s expertise in delivering tailored IT solutions, coupled with their commitment to customer satisfaction, solidified their position as a trusted technology partner for SITA Aero & South African Airways on their journey toward digital transformation and global connectivity.

A South African Airways (SAA) Airbus A340-600 gracefully soars through the skies, with its distinctive livery shining against the backdrop of Cape Town's iconic Table Mountain. The sleek and powerful aircraft showcases SAA's commitment to delivering exceptional air travel experiences as it traverses the azure sky, symbolizing the airline's dedication to connecting people and bridging continents with safety, comfort, and style.

The Results

The technology that we use to support SAA


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