Streamlining Operations: Compuclinic’s Successful Deployment of Racking for SITA Aero at SA Airports


SITA Aero is a global leader in the provision of IT solutions to the aviation industry. The company’s solutions help airlines, airports, and other aviation stakeholders improve efficiency, security, and passenger experience. SITA Aero offers a comprehensive range of solutions, including passenger processing, baggage management, flight operations, and security. It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and has offices in over 50 countries.


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Compuclinic embarked on a significant project in collaboration with Sita Aero, a renowned aviation technology provider, to upgrade the SITA Bag Manager systems at various airports in South Africa. By procuring, delivering, and installing custom-specified server racking solutions, Compuclinic aimed to enhance system performance, streamline data management, and optimize baggage handling operations for Sita Aero.

The Challenge

Sita Aero faced challenges with outdated and inefficient Bag Manager systems across their airport network, impacting the efficiency and accuracy of baggage handling processes. The project required the replacement of legacy infrastructure with modern, scalable, and tailor-made server racking solutions, specifically designed to meet the unique demands of the Bag Manager systems.

The Solution

Compuclinic collaborated closely with Sita Aero to understand their requirements and develop a comprehensive solution. Leveraging their expertise in IT procurement and infrastructure deployment, Compuclinic sourced and procured custom-specified IP65 (dust, water and weatherproof) server racking solutions that aligned with the specific needs of Sita Aero’s Bag Manager systems. These solutions were meticulously designed to optimize space utilization, ensure proper airflow management, and facilitate easy accessibility for maintenance and upgrades.


Compuclinic’s successful procurement, delivery, and installation of custom server racking solutions for Sita Aero at 9 airports around South Africa revolutionized their server infrastructure and operations. The project resulted in enhanced efficiency, improved scalability, and optimized server management, facilitating seamless communication, data handling, and system reliability. Compuclinic’s expertise in delivering tailored IT solutions further solidified their position as a trusted partner in supporting Sita Aero’s technological advancements, driving innovation, and ensuring a robust IT infrastructure for the aviation industry.


The Results

The technology that we use to support SITA Aero

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Innovation at Work

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