Our Brand is a purposeful force in making a significant difference within society in Southern Africa

Our Roots

Compuclinic, a brand inspired by the world-famous carbonated soft drink brand, Coca-Cola. You may laugh & ask, “how do the two brands relate?” Back in 2009, a very young aspiring nerd identified the need for trustworthy, reliable, cost-effective IT consultancy services in South Africa. The objective was to market these services to organizations in the medical space & to assist entrepreneurs with solutions that would allow their small business to catapult into medium to large businesses with the use of technology. 

In researching brands, nerd boy read an article about the power behind the brand, Coca-Cola. With its strong repetitive “C” sound in its name that is impossible to forget, eye-catching red colour pallette, wavy typography & fun-looking logo, Coca-cola built trust and loyalty around its brand with people all over the world.

Inspired by Coca-ColaCompuclinic was conceived with similar brand traits to that of Coca-Cola, the Compuclinic brand shares a similar trusting, memorable effect on all the lives that the organization has a positive impact on.

We’re about fulfilling a humane objective of utilizing technology solutions for a common purpose shared with individuals and organizations fighting for a better future, globally.

Understanding the complexity and magnitude of how IT systems are constantly advancing and the unique nature of every organization’s business process, it is imperative to know that today’s IT solutions need to be precisely planned in order to maintain a balance between its functionality, resourcing, budget, schedule, and quality objectives while customizing procedures to meet every firm’s specific objectives, requirements, and goals.

Compuclinic Solutions Technology for Nonprofits The Cure to all your computer problems 32 Peter Place Sandton 2060

We offer a diverse portfolio of managed IT solutions designed to satisfy enterprise demands within many professional industries.  Our solutions are developed according to each site’s specific dynamics and every project that we initiate follows the course of our structured procedures in order to ensure that your IT environment is always online and your people and business remain productive.

Compuclinic Solutions Technology for Nonprofits The Cure to all your computer problems 32 Peter Place Sandton 2060

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A cure for everyone

We offer a range of Cure plans that suit a variety of needs. All plans are billed monthly and can be upgraded or downgraded at any time.



  • Basic Antivirus
  • Local Backup
  • Simple Phone Assist
  • 50% off remote support
  • CShop.co.za Member Deals




  • Secure Antivirus
  • 10GB Cloud Backup
  • 60min Remote Support
  • Advanced Phone Assist
  • 5% off @ CShop.co.za




  • Internet Security
  • 20GB Cloud Backup
  • 120min Remote Support
  • 7am – 7pm Pro Helpdesk
  • 10% off @ CShop.co.za




  • Enterprise Security
  • 50GB Cloud Backup
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • 24/7 Priority Helpdesk
  • 15% off @ CShop.co.za



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